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ANTHROCON, SEE YOU THERE! [Jun. 13th, 2012|05:22 pm]
AnthroCon in two days! I can’t believe how quickly the last few weeks have gone by!

I'll be there, just like the last five or so years! Most of the time, you’ll be able to find me in the Dealer’s Room at my table, with a variety of stuff in tow: sketches for sale, some ready-to-wear badges (check 'em out, here,) prints starting at $5, Scratches CDs, Nordguard patches and stickers, plus some of the original artwork for the Nordguard Card Game will be available for direct buy, all at my table. Also, I made a numbered run of 11x14 prints of Dragonborn (here’s a photo)--I’m not bringing very many of the total 200 with me to AnthroCon, so if you’re interested in one (all low numbers,) stop on by!

My table is located on the outside row, across the aisle from the Sofawolf Press island of tables (here’s a map! Yar!) Sofawolf Press will have copies of Across Thin Ice, the Nordguard Card Game, and the free 8-page preview of the second Nordguard book, Under Dark Skies! Don’t forget to check out HEAT Vol. 9, too, and all the new summer releases from Sofawolf!

I have a smattering of originals for sale in the art show this year, a few big pieces, and lots of little things. In the general show: Ursa Major, Salmon Run, Stray, I Lick You, Truce, and a couple of the Nordguard Card Game originals—Ambush, Shortcut, and Friendly Natives, among other stuff! Here’s a photo of about half the art that’s going!

Safe travels if you’re headed to Pittsburgh! Good times if you’re staying put!