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ComicCon, Sofawolf Press & Free Stuff!

ComicCon International in San Diego begins in just a couple of days!

We're always excited for CCI, especially this year. In cased you missed it, Teagan Gavet, the author/layout/penciling half, has been nominated for the Russ Manning Award for Most Promising Newcomer for her work on Nordguard: Across Thin Ice. The nomination in itself is a huge honor, and competition is steep, but we'll be keeping our fingers crossed this Friday at the Eisner Award ceremony when the winner of the Manning award will be announced.

Where We'll Be:

Every day of the convention, you'll be able to find us sporadically at the Sofawolf Press booth #1236 (which is in the Webcomics section of the dealer's room.) Sofawolf Press will have Across Thin Ice, free 8-page previews of the second Nordguard book (Under Dark Skies), the Nordguard Card Game, copies of Dog's Days of Summer, Art of Kenket books, plus all of their new summer releases and the bulk of their full catalog! Come check it out!

We are more than happy to sign any of our books, so feel free to watch @screwbald on Twitter to know when we'll be at the Sofawolf Press booth! You can also follow @sofawolfpress on Twitter to find out when other Sofawolf creative will be on hand to sign books, such as Kyell Gold, Lynn Hogan (author/artist of Prydwen), Mandi Tremblay (author/artist of Peachy Keen,) and Kamui, the cover artist for many of Sofawolf's publications.

Free Stuff:

Aside from the free 8-page preview of the next Nordguard book, Under Dark Skies, Sofawolf will be giving out different buttons on different days of the convention, featuring either Pi, London, Nickel from Nordguard, or Diego and Bayshore from Dog's Days! Supplies will be limited, so stop by or follow @sofawolfpress for the heads up on free stuff!

There's also going to be a free preview of Spain Fischer's upcoming comic, Caterwall!

Also, when we're at the Sofawolf table to sign, we will be giving out a special, collector card for the Nordguard Card Game, the "White Bear!" event card! This card is not included in the original decks, and this will be it's first release! If you are unable to get one from us at CCI, we'll have some with us at other conventions throughout this year and the next!

So, once again, feel free to follow us @screwbald on Twitter to know when we're signing/giving out stuff!

Have a great week!



Leopard Crossing


AnthroCon in two days! I can’t believe how quickly the last few weeks have gone by!

I'll be there, just like the last five or so years! Most of the time, you’ll be able to find me in the Dealer’s Room at my table, with a variety of stuff in tow: sketches for sale, some ready-to-wear badges (check 'em out, here,) prints starting at $5, Scratches CDs, Nordguard patches and stickers, plus some of the original artwork for the Nordguard Card Game will be available for direct buy, all at my table. Also, I made a numbered run of 11x14 prints of Dragonborn (here’s a photo)--I’m not bringing very many of the total 200 with me to AnthroCon, so if you’re interested in one (all low numbers,) stop on by!

My table is located on the outside row, across the aisle from the Sofawolf Press island of tables (here’s a map! Yar!) Sofawolf Press will have copies of Across Thin Ice, the Nordguard Card Game, and the free 8-page preview of the second Nordguard book, Under Dark Skies! Don’t forget to check out HEAT Vol. 9, too, and all the new summer releases from Sofawolf!

I have a smattering of originals for sale in the art show this year, a few big pieces, and lots of little things. In the general show: Ursa Major, Salmon Run, Stray, I Lick You, Truce, and a couple of the Nordguard Card Game originals—Ambush, Shortcut, and Friendly Natives, among other stuff! Here’s a photo of about half the art that’s going!

Safe travels if you’re headed to Pittsburgh! Good times if you’re staying put!


Nordguard Card Game/ATI Hardcover Pre-Orders!

Sofawolf Press will be starting pre-orders for many of their summer release titles this Saturday (May 26th), starting at 10AM Central time. Included, will be a very limited pre-order for the Nordguard Card Game, and the return of Across Thin Ice hardcovers!


[Here's some information on the Nordguard Card Game, in case you missed it!]

The Nordguard Card Game is being released in two editions: Standard ($14.95) and Deluxe ($24.95). Both editions contain the full 130 card deck, which features a ton of new artwork created for the game, and 4 custom six-sided dice etched with the Nordguard logo. The Deluxe edition adds 4 extra dice (for faster game play,) a metallic Nordguard collector's coin, in a black canvas belt-pouch screen-printed with the Nordguard logo, signed and numbered by everyone who worked on the game!

Click Here for Standard Edition Pre-Order, and Here for the Deluxe!

While the standard sets will probably be around and readily available for a while, there will be an extremely limited number of Deluxe editions. Once the Deluxe editions are gone, that is it! If you want to get your hand on one, you have the following opportunities:

#1 - Sofawolf Press will be put 1/4 of the Deluxe edition (approximately 50) up for pre-orders on Saturday, May 26th at 10AM Central Time (the Chicago time-zone.) Once they are sold out, there will be no more deluxe editions available online until after AnthroCon (see #3 below.)

#2 - Sofawolf will have 1/4 of the deluxe decks (again, about 50) for sale at AnthroCon in Pittsburgh, PA the weekend of June 15-17. As in the past, they will split these roughly into three equal groups to be released each day of the convention, when the Dealer's Room opens in the morning. (So, if you miss out one morning, you can try again the next.)

#3 - Sofawolf will have another batch available online shortly after AnthroCon. They will release these on Saturday June 23rd at 10PM Central Time. Once this batch of Deluxe sets sells out, they will not have any more available online.

#4 - Lastly, the remaining few decks will be available in very limited numbers at conventions through the year, for as long as they last. (Sofawolf will definitely have some for sale at ComicCon International in San Diego, however!)


Secondly, something I know a few people have been eagerly waiting for--Sofawolf Press has ordered a second printing of the Nordguard: Across Thin Ice hard cover books! They sold out really fast last time around, so if you missed out last year, now's your chance!

Click Here for Across Thin Ice Hardcover Pre-Order!

Once again, pre-orders will begin this Saturday (May 26th) at 10AM Central! Check out the Sofawolf Press site for the full pre-order announcement, and to see all the new summer titles available for pre-order, such as Heat #9, Flight of the Godkin Griffin, and The Blood Jaguar!

With that said, I'm back to my short vacation on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere!



Blotch + Beer

Spring Cleaning/Art For Sale!

I have a few paintings sitting around in storage boxes, not doing too much besides taking up space. I suspect it’s time to let them go in the name of Spring Cleaning!

“FA United” – Woah, blast from the past. This piece is from 2007, and was the cover for FurAffinity’s very first convention. The page is 18x12” (the actual painted image is 17x11 on the page.) It’s painted in watercolour and acrylic on Arches 140lbs hot press watercolour paper, signed and stamped on the back. You can see some photos of the original on the auction!
Fun facts: Jack from Dog’s Days of Summer is hidden in the crowd, it features over 40 characters, and is an Ursa Major winner from 2007!
>>Check out the auction for “FA United” on eBay, here!

“Lemmikki Paws” – This is a piece I painted last year. It’s acrylic on wood, 13x9” in size, and signed on the back. Check out the photos of the original on the auction, below! (If you need more cute husky art in your life, this is the piece for you!)
>>Check out the auction for “Lemikki Paws” on eBay, here!

Lastly, a friend is re-selling "River's Tryst," and older (tame, but NSFW) picture of mine from a few years ago! Check out the auction! Bid if you love labs and cougars!

Thanks for looking, and thanks again for bidding if you wish to! :]

Nordguard: The Card Game

Over the last couple of weeks, we've been working on original artwork for the upcoming Nordguard Card Game!

Click Here For More Information, Sample Cards & the FAQ!

The game itself has been developed by Tempe O'Kun and Nic Wald, and Jeremia Heupel of ThinkTank Games directed play-testing. They've been tweaking and play-testing for over a year now. It's slated to be released this summer, and will be available from Sofawolf Press.

The card game will feature 50+ pieces of new original artwork we've done, plus some artwork from Across Thin Ice, and Nordguard concept art. In total, each deck has 130 cards, plus comes with custom Nordguard dice. The game will come in two editions, standard ($12) and collectors ($25).

There will also be additional artwork from the talented Chromamancer!

You can find more information about the game itself, and see sample cards, on! The site will continue to be updated as we get closer to the summer and the game's release.

A lot of the painting for the cards was done on LiveStream. I edited/sped-up a couple saved sessions for anyone interested in the process! You can find more on my LiveStream Channel, but here's a link to one.

I'll be LiveStreaming pretty regularly over the next couple of weeks as I work on the preview for the second Nordguard book (the title of which will be announced soon!)

You can follow @screwbald or @nordguard on Twitter to be updated whenever I start LiveStreaming!

FWA and Atlanta Bound!

This afternoon I will be boarding a plane bound for Furry Weekend Atlanta!

During the day, you'll be able to find me at my table in the dealer's room, by Kyell Gold and Rukis!

I will have Nordguard patches and stickers, prints of all shapes, sizes and prices, Scratches CDs, plus a few original sketches for sale at the table. (I will also have a some sketches and marker pieces that are curiously badge-sized, which have found themselves tucked into sleeves, ready to wear! Here's a photo of some of 'em!)

There will be copies of Nordguard: Across Thin Ice for sale, and Dog's Days of Summer!

I don't have anything in the FWA art show this year. However, the tiger I painted, "Persevere," will be in the charity auction! All proceeds from it's sale will benefit the animals at CCI! (Here's a photo of the painting!)

In other news, this Friday at FWA is the debut of Kyell Gold's newest novel, Green Fairy! (Here's an excerpt!)
Not to mention, it will also be the first print appearance of Rukis and AlectorFencer's graphic novel Red Lantern! Since both Rukis and Kyell will be in attendance as Guests of Honor, they would be really happy to sign everything, I am sure. ;]

(And don't fret--if you won't be at FWA, you can order Green Fairy, Red Lantern, Across Thin Ice and a ton of more stuff from Sofawolf Press' website! Fill all of your bookshelves with talking animals!)

See you there!


Drust on the Run

Collapse )

This is one of five illustrations I did earlier this year for the upcoming issue of HEAT Vol. 9!

Well--technically four are brand new images for the issue. It all started a couple of years ago when friend and author Tempo321 asked permission to write a story around the Pict wolf I illustrated, The Prisoner. I told him "Sure!" and he came back with a story about the cocky wolf Drust, who runs afoul, of--well, you'll have to read the story in HEAT this summer to find out!

The story, "The Prisoner," is written by Tempo321, male/female in orientation, and has a total of five illustration by me, printed in grey scale. Boobs abound!

Check it out this summer in HEAT Vol. 9 from Sofawolf Press, making it's debut at AnthroCon and later available online!</div>

Home From Texas

I am home again from Texas, by way of a wrong turn in Albuquerque! I had a blast at Furry Fiesta, and I will definitely be back again next year. The company was no less than fine, what with Kyell Gold lurking behind our table for the convention, and being neighbors with the fine gentlemen of FurPlanet. It was great to meet a whole new bunch of people, see some old faces I haven't seen in ages, and share a few moments with folks who I seem to run into everywhere.

I took the advantage of Leap Day to prolong the return to Real Life (also known as March.) As of last night, however, I am home, settling back in.

I have cracked my knuckles, procrastinated by cleaning, unpacking, and writing this journal, and have now made all the right assortments of coffee. It's time to get back to art...right after I catch up on email, errands, and lunch. I have a short stack of nearly-finished, or almost-finished paintings I plan on working through, while also continuing to sketch and layout the second Nordguard Book.

(If you're interested in watching paint dry, you can keep an eye on my @screwbald Twitter account for when I start to LiveStream painting again, either random illustrations or Nordguard related things.)

I will be at Furry Weekend Atlanta in a couple of weeks in the Dealer's Room! I'll be near by both Kyell Gold and Rukis, and man, will they have some awesome new stuff for you to check out--Green Fairy by Kyell Gold and illustrated by Rukis, and it will also be the release of Rukis and AlectorFencer's beautiful comic, Red Lantern!

I am also planning on being at Emerald City ComicCon in Seattle later this month, but just as a table-lurker/assistant for Sofawolf Press' table! But I will be happy to sign stuff, and try to sell you things! ;]
(Prydwen, a full color comic by Lynn Hogan and published by Sofawolf Press, will be making it's debut there! Check it out!)

And down the line this summer is AnthroCon, ComicCon San Diego and Rocky Mountain FurCon, but with the way time flies, we'll get to those soon enough...
on the move

This Weekend: Texas Furry Fiesta!

I'm bound for Texas Furry Fiesta, this weekend and it'll be my first time in the Thunderdome! I've only ever heard great things about the convention, so I'm excited!

On the way, there will be a bit of camping and storm chasing, but I should be there bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Friday morning in the Dealer's Room!

I'll be at my Dealer's Table the majority of the convention, with the usual stuff: prints of all shapes and sizes from $5 upwards, original sketches for sale*, Nordguard patches, and Scratches CDs. FurPlanet, who among their own fine products will be distributing some for Sofawolf Press, will be next table down with copies of Nordguard: Across Thin Ice! :]

Kyell Gold will also be hanging around, making elusive appearances, signing books, saying witty fox things, wearing cool hats, and (if you ask him nicely,) taking $1 micro-fiction badge commissions!

*I may also be taking sketchbook commissions at the convention, largely depending on what drinking and dinner plans arise. (I hear there's a beer--or seven--with my name on them.)

Have a great weekend, no matter where you end up spending it!