Blotch (screwbald) wrote,

This Weekend: Texas Furry Fiesta!

I'm bound for Texas Furry Fiesta, this weekend and it'll be my first time in the Thunderdome! I've only ever heard great things about the convention, so I'm excited!

On the way, there will be a bit of camping and storm chasing, but I should be there bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Friday morning in the Dealer's Room!

I'll be at my Dealer's Table the majority of the convention, with the usual stuff: prints of all shapes and sizes from $5 upwards, original sketches for sale*, Nordguard patches, and Scratches CDs. FurPlanet, who among their own fine products will be distributing some for Sofawolf Press, will be next table down with copies of Nordguard: Across Thin Ice! :]

Kyell Gold will also be hanging around, making elusive appearances, signing books, saying witty fox things, wearing cool hats, and (if you ask him nicely,) taking $1 micro-fiction badge commissions!

*I may also be taking sketchbook commissions at the convention, largely depending on what drinking and dinner plans arise. (I hear there's a beer--or seven--with my name on them.)

Have a great weekend, no matter where you end up spending it!

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