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Home From Texas - Blotch, Screwbald Spotcat [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Home From Texas [Mar. 2nd, 2012|01:53 pm]
I am home again from Texas, by way of a wrong turn in Albuquerque! I had a blast at Furry Fiesta, and I will definitely be back again next year. The company was no less than fine, what with Kyell Gold lurking behind our table for the convention, and being neighbors with the fine gentlemen of FurPlanet. It was great to meet a whole new bunch of people, see some old faces I haven't seen in ages, and share a few moments with folks who I seem to run into everywhere.

I took the advantage of Leap Day to prolong the return to Real Life (also known as March.) As of last night, however, I am home, settling back in.

I have cracked my knuckles, procrastinated by cleaning, unpacking, and writing this journal, and have now made all the right assortments of coffee. It's time to get back to art...right after I catch up on email, errands, and lunch. I have a short stack of nearly-finished, or almost-finished paintings I plan on working through, while also continuing to sketch and layout the second Nordguard Book.

(If you're interested in watching paint dry, you can keep an eye on my @screwbald Twitter account for when I start to LiveStream painting again, either random illustrations or Nordguard related things.)

I will be at Furry Weekend Atlanta in a couple of weeks in the Dealer's Room! I'll be near by both Kyell Gold and Rukis, and man, will they have some awesome new stuff for you to check out--Green Fairy by Kyell Gold and illustrated by Rukis, and it will also be the release of Rukis and AlectorFencer's beautiful comic, Red Lantern!

I am also planning on being at Emerald City ComicCon in Seattle later this month, but just as a table-lurker/assistant for Sofawolf Press' table! But I will be happy to sign stuff, and try to sell you things! ;]
(Prydwen, a full color comic by Lynn Hogan and published by Sofawolf Press, will be making it's debut there! Check it out!)

And down the line this summer is AnthroCon, ComicCon San Diego and Rocky Mountain FurCon, but with the way time flies, we'll get to those soon enough...